Power of Visualisation

As soon as we take the name of a friend, colleague, or an object the first thing that comes to our mind is their image. Children’s Books are filled with colorful illustrations and pictures. This is because our mind absorbs more information when it is presented with vivid images. And that is why it is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The best way to achieve your goals is to visualize them. Visualization helps us remember things better. It is a sure shot technique to achieve your goal.

In the book ‘Visualfestation’, the author widely describes how he achieved his goals by visualizing. He wanted to win a contest and he had visualized himself winning it, over 200 times. The result was, he won the contest! However, this does not mean that you focus on visualizing and forget about putting in your effort. The same technique works in the spiritual realm as well. The most effective technique of all is the “Roop Dhyan” Meditation. Herein, you bring the image of God and meditate upon Him.

One might question -‘ I have never seen God previously. How can I meditate upon Him?’ Shree Kripaluji Maharaj answers it in his kirtan Sadhana Karu Pyare. He says:

मन को जो भाये बना लो, रूप वैसा प्यारे 

“Create the image of the Lord as it pleases your mind.” God has infinite forms and He is all-merciful. Whatever image we create in our mind, that shall be accepted by God as His image. Moreover, you also have the freedom to change the image every second – girl or boy, dark or fair, thin, or plump, with or without a mustache; you can create a God as you want Him to be. 

An interesting story in this regard justifies this. Once, there was a man. He was a miser. He would never spend money. He did not want to buy ornaments, incents, flowers daily for the Lord. He thought of it to be a waste of money. One day, he learned about the “Roop Dhyan Meditation”. He thought, ‘Wow! This is amazing! I don’t have to spend any money. I can simply offer everything, in the mind. He would spend an hour every day serving the Lord in his mind. He would ornament Him, prepare and offer food. Slowly his practice solidified. The visualization turned to be more and more vivid. The Meditation was lively. It would seem as though the Lord was actually present before him. 

One day, the miser was preparing Kheer (sweet rice) for Krishna. He added the rice, milk, sugar, and Kesar (saffron) to the mixture. By mistake, the full box of saffron got toppled into it. Miser by his nature, he screamed out in the meditation, ‘Oh no! Not so much. I have to save some for tomorrow.’ Krishna had a hearty laugh. He held his hand and appeared before him. The miser relished the divine form now!

That is the power of visualization. Numerous life coaches today teach visualization techniques. Vision boards are a medium for achieving goals. However, this technique has been preached by all the saints of the Vedic era. When practiced daily, it is most powerful. Once an ascetic was drenched in devotion. In his meditation, he felt that Krishna had appeared. In pursuit of embracing Him, he ran towards the Lord. Meanwhile, his hair locks got entangled in a bush. He resolved that it will be undone only by Krishna. He is the cause for all of this. In a week’s time, Krishna appeared before him and he was God-realised! 

Let us also attain our goals through visualization. More so, let us attain the ultimate goal of life – God. 

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