Bhakti Yog Sadhana Shivir

 Virtual Spiritual Retreat with Swami Mukundananda

Join the spiritually elevating, devotionally enchanting, and soul-nourishing Bhakti Yog Online Sadhana Shivir from 17th to 21st February. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn the science of spiritual practice by Swami Mukundananda from the comfort of your home!

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Swamiji will be revealing the secret teachings from the divine conversation that took place between Bhakt kagbhushundi and Garud Maharaj, which is from the Uttar Kand of Tulsidas Ramayan- a reservoir of Brahm Vidya.

Kagbhushundi is a great sage and devotee of Lord Ram who had been cursed by Sage Lomas to become a crow. He agrees to retain this form forever despite the fact that crows are considered one of the worst and dirtiest birds because they are omnivores and scavengers. In every age, it is believed that Kagbhushundi takes a five-year hiatus from the conversation to witness the Bal-Leelas (childhood pastimes) of Lord Ram.

Garud is an eagle, king of birds, and the vehicle for Lord Vishnu. He is believed to be so powerful that he can stop the spinning of heaven, earth, and hell merely by flapping his wings.

In this Samvad Garud posed seven questions to Kagbhushundi, which will be covered by Swamiji during this shivir. In addition to these lectures, the retreat will have Q&A sessions, cultural activities, parikrama, kirtans, yoga and pranayama sessions, and much more. Register today!

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Shivir Activities

Nurture your devotion in the inspiring presence of Swami Mukundananda, with soul-stirring bhajans, elevating spiritual wisdom, and divine darshan of Shree Radha Rasik Bihari and Jagadguruttam Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj at JKU Campus, Banara, Odisha.

  • Lectures by Swamiji.

  • Soulful Kirtans

  • Cultural Programs

  • Special Basant Utsav

  • Q&A sessions

  • Meditations

  • Yoga & Pranayam

  • Chosen Videos of Shree Maharajji


  • The registration fee for the participants residing in India is Rs 250.
  • Indian students kindly send your School/College/University ID to [email protected] to avail special 40% discount.
  • NRI who do not possess an Indian Account and PAN can register at
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