Bad Thing Happens to Good People

Why do bad things happen to good people?

When we say good or bad happened to someone, we jump to conclusions. The law of karma operates on a soul’s journey through endless lives. We all have experienced that many times, seemingly adverse events later turned out to be blessings in disguise. Thus, growth requires facing challenges. In the process of exerting our mental intellectual physical faculties to the utmost, we expedite our inner transformation.

If God is all-powerful, why do hurricanes, tsunamis,  earthquakes, etc. happen?

Sounds like an unfair criticism of God! We all know that many calamities are due to misdoings of humankind. Nevertheless, the Chandogya Upanishad states that the almighty can restore any kind of disorder in the world. However, the world is designed perfectly so that we do not become complacent with our status quo. Thus, events orchestrate for the gradual evolution of souls over a continuum of lifetimes. Like a pupa’s metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly, we are also continuously pushed to transform for the better.

When we see injustice in the world, our faith gets shaken. Is God truly just?

God’s justice is through the Law of Karma. The Omniscient seated in our hearts is the perfect judge. Like every organ serves in the functioning of the body, similarly, to tiny fragments of the Omnipotent, our inherent nature is to serve Him. Actions with complete surrender & in the spirit of service to God, make us recipients of His grace . Thus our stockpile of karmas from endless lifetimes gets burnt & an ordinary soul becomes an instrument of the Divine. Have faith in the supreme intelligence that created & regulates such a large universe!

Do good people also need to worship God?

People often rely on theories that make it convenient for them to not worship God. Pride of being good & doing good often undermines God’s bountiful gifts to us, like the sunlight that powers our food, the air we breathe, the earth we walk upon, etc. All our mental & physical activities are powered by the consciousness rendered by the soul, which in turn is energized by the Supreme Soul. By cultivating gratitude for the graces we have received, we can flower all our faculties to divine heights.

How can I keep up my spirits during adversities?

Our desire to lead a linear existence with no discomfort is fanciful. The Universe is full of dualities – there is day & night; happiness & sadness; life & death; etc. Most people define a good life as material prosperity, good health, and harmonious relationships, and an unsuccessful life is a reverse. But if your goal is higher – to become the best version of yourself then all circumstances can be looked upon as a teacher. If we are able to uncover the embedded lessons they can propel growth to lead a meaningful life.

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