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There are more than 22 styles of meditation but the only one which culminates into a divine destination of God realisation is, the ‘RoopDhyan’ technique. A simple technique wherein you visualise the form of God. What’s more? Make God your bestie, talk to Him about your challenges, share your life, travel the world with Him,  dress Him in the best of silk clothes, decorate Him with the most beautiful diamond jewellery ever, offer Him sweets to your heart’s content and what not!

Swamiji says, “Imagination is the biggest nation.”  RoopDhyan meditation is that beautiful nation which transmigrates you to a completely different world. Studies show that most people try to meditate yet hardly 10% of them succeed. However, this technique reassures you that you can meditate at any time, in any place, in any state of mind. Instead of the work-week blues, look forward to Monday mornings with Roopdhyan Meditation led by Swamiji!

Session Schedule

Every Monday, 7.00 AM – 7.30 AM via YouTube