The Bhakti Yog Holi Sadhana Shivir was held between the 22nd and 26th of February 2023 at the JKU Banara Campus. Devotees from India and the US flocked together in the serene premises and immersed in the nectar of devotional bliss. The main attraction of the shivir was the celebration of Holi. Holi shivirs are always ecstatic as devotees get an opportunity to play Holi with Swamiji and Maharajji with flowers and colors. So was this one. Joyful kirtans accompanied by drums and dances lit up the fun-filled festival of Holi. The theme for the pravachan (lecture series) in this shivir was “Bhakt Charit”. The life and philosophies of saints, their stories of detachment from the world, and of their longing for God filled everyone’s hearts with divine sentiments.

Swamiji narrated the spiritual journeys of eight saints beginning with Adi Shankaracharya, followed by Jagadguru Ramanujacharya, Mirabai, Kabirdas, Ravidas, Surdas, Tukaram, and Tulsidas. He took devotees through gripping episodes in their lives, how they responded to adversities, the lessons to be learned from them, miracles performed by them, and the pads and songs written. Swamiji explained their philosophies with relatable examples and interspersed his narrative with nuggets of humor and wisdom. The lectures were complemented with mellifluous renderings of the pads and dohas written by each saint.

The daily schedule comprised daylong sadhana with morning and evening arati, divya vachanamrit and divya upadesh (wisdom nuggets from Maharajji), soulful kirtans, Radhe Govind Geet, Hare Krishna Mahamantra, yoga, meditation, parikrama and Mehfil with Swamiji. Twice a day, Swamiji delivered lectures on the lives of saints and enlightened devotees with different stories of bhakti. Devotees were also blessed with the opportunity to immerse in devotional sentiments with exciting activities like “Phoolon ki Holi” with Maharajji, Maha Dawat for Maharajji, Radha Krishna’s “Nauka Vihar” and of course the most ecstatic event, the outdoor celebration of Holi.  Swamiji showered love on hundreds of devotees by singing songs of Holi, dancing to them, impersonating Gopis, throwing powdered colors generously upon the crowd, and spraying water on them with water guns. The ecstasy of playing Holi with one’s Guru elevated the attendees on a scale of devotion. They tasted the bliss of Holi in Braj with Swamiji singing about the dilemmas and longing of Gopis for Shyamsundar and of Krishna’s mischievous pastimes teasing the Gopis. Swamiji seemed to be giving away hues of divine love as devotees soaked themselves in the colors of Holi.

The Mehfil gave an opportunity to both online and offline participants to express their devotion and gratitude to Hari and Guru as they presented songs and dance items on spiritual themes. The parikrama (procession) with Swamiji was the most exciting part of each day with devotees engaging in Harinam Sankirtan to the accompaniment of drums and music. Swamiji sang and danced gracefully and motivated the satsangis to follow suit in devotional ecstasy.

Swamiji’s august presence and dedicated involvement with devotees through various activities in the retreat truly transported them from the material world and helped them forget worldly entanglements. A charming video made up of snippets from various activities was played at the conclusion of the retreat. Devotees went home with fond memories and peaceful, contented minds, longing to return to this holy abode of their Guru again and again.

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  • दुःख का कारण

दुःख का कारण

May 15th, 2023|0 Comments

भगवान ने हमको मानव देह भगवतप्राप्ति के लिए दिया है लेकिन माया के अज्ञान के कारण हमने एक बड़ी गलती ये कर दी कि अपने को आत्मा होते हुए शरीर मान लिया । जिस प्रकार ...