In today’s context, people identify themselves with their profession, religion, race, nationality, language, region or sex. Rarely do they identify themselves as human beings. This narrow sense of self-identity leads to myriad schisms in the world. Spiritual knowledge, that is beyond all religions, rituals, and dogmas, effects an elevation of the consciousness, leading to the embracing of Universal Values and an expanded self-identity.

Such knowledge brings about a change in the outlook of people and makes them see divinity in every aspect of life. Jagadguru Kripalu University will, therefore, aim at making students look beyond narrow geographical barriers and consider the entire Universe as their own family (vasudhaiva kutumbakam). Such lofty ideas were embedded in the ancient Indian system. The education at Jagadguru Kripalu University will be a happy blend of both the ancient and the modern, which will help students develop into global citizens.

 The organization is in the process of establishing a University to achieve the objective of raising the standard of education and research in certain specialized areas such as Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Sciences, and Naturopathy. Jagadguru Kripalu University shall help to fulfill the large void of inadequate spiritual education in the country, and also meet the educational requirements of the region as a whole.

Salient features

  1. Jagadguru Kripalu University will help the students realize their inner potential and thus develop tremendous faith in themselves.
  2. It will help them to break away from the slavish mentality of seeking positions in the job market; instead, they will become job providers.
  3. It will create Centers of Excellence in core areas, thereby catering to the needs of Advanced Research in modern as well as ancient subjects.
  4. The university will help the students unearth their hidden talents for which the following strategies will be adopted:

a. Providing a strong base in theoretical knowledge.

b. Providing rigorous practical training and ‘hand-on experience’ in the industry so that they may effectively put the theory into practice.

c. Encouraging the students to undertake projects and come up with innovative techniques.

d. Training them in creating miniature models that can work under a given environment.

e. Training in Mind Management Techniques.

f. Changing the mindset of the students. They will be trained to become job makers instead of job seekers.

5. The University proposes to provide Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) for the benefit of the students through the following methods:

a. Exposure in communication skills.

b. Creating opportunities in self expression.

c. Providing spiritual training for the realization of inner potential and raising the level if self confidence. Once this is achieved, the students will develop the level if self-confidence. Once this is achieved, the students will develop the capability of thinking independently and adopting an innovative approach in all their activities.

d. Striving to identify and unearth the hidden talents of each and every student.

e. Providing opportunities for holistic talent of each and every student.

f. Imparting modern techniques in Managerial skills.

g. Developing leadership skills.

h. Developing a sense of social responsibility.

i. Creative an awareness of the opportunities available for Entrepreneurial Development.

j. Providing a platfrom for Academic Excellance.