7 Day Yoga Challenge

Yoga enthusiasts the world over celebrate the UN-declared International Day of Yoga (IDY) on June 21st. It’s a day to acknowledge yoga’s universal benefits and connect with friends and community members over the shared practice.

JKYog invites all to celebrate International Yoga Day by participating in the 7-day Yoga Challenge. Let us come together and celebrate the festival of yoga by incorporating it into our daily life.

Participants are invited to send a small video of them doing any asana Or a health recipe or some health tip. The top 5 will win a Special Gift Hamper.

Emails your files at yoga@jkyog.in

Take a pledge to good health and harmony.

15th June – 21st June
7.00 am (IST) onwards 

  • Yoga Asanas for all ages

  • Pranayam

  • Tips from Naturopathy Doctor

  • Yogic Diet & Lifestyle


Build your cardio, strength, flexibility, and stamina using a combination of simple and advanced yogasans to achieve all your fitness goals.


‘Prana’ refers to a subtle life-giving force that resides in our body. Just as we exercise our body and mind, it is also important to exercise the ‘Prana’. Through Pranayama, rejuvenate your Prana Shakti to bring harmony in your life.


Understand the Science of Nutrition. Get easy-to-follow tips on healthy dietary habits. Learn how simple lifestyle modifications can bring your body and mind in sync with nature.