Guru Poornima 2020

“Gu” means darkness and “ru” means ignorance. The Guru illumines us with divine knowledge, instils the inspiration to put the knowledge to practice and destroys our ignorance. Thus the Guru acts as Brahma (The Creator), Vishnu (The Protector), Shankar (The Annihilator). 

JKYog India brings you Special Online Guru Poornima Celebration 2020. Tune into the bliss of Live Sankirtan, understand Guru Tatva and take part in a joyful competition to express your gratitude to your Spiritual Guru. Check out the Event details below and take advantage of this event from the comfort of your homes!

5th July 2020

2.00 pm (IST) onwards 

Zoom Meeting Id:

  • Kirtan

  • Lecture : Understand the real meaning of Guru Poornima

  • Guided Meditation (no prior experience is required)

  • Inspire and get Inspired : share your 1 firm resolve / ongoing pursuit / commitment, for your Guru’s happiness

  • “Gratitude to the Spiritual Master” Contest

Gratitude to the Spiritual Master

What is the Contest about?

“Gratitude to the Spiritual Master” is fun yet profound contest to show your love and reverence to Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj and Swami Mukundananda ji. In the most mysterious ways, we saw the guiding hand, heard the awakening voice, experienced the illumining touch of the Guru in different situations of our lives. Our whole world got transformed with the knowledge of the precious secrets of life and the universe.

On this Poornima (full-moon day), let us make a resolve to glorify our Guru by practising the wisdom He bestowed upon us, so causelessly. Let us lead an inspired life, starting with gratitude and filled with Devotion.

How can I express my gratitude?

Devotees are welcome to submit any of the following:

      • Self-composed Poem 
      • Self-composed Sher-o-Shayari
      • Classical or Semi-classical Dance (maximum 3 min recorded video)
      • Sing (maximum 3 min recorded video)
      • Self-made Paint or Sketch
      • Recipe and Photos of Self-made dish as an offering in Bhog 

How to send my entry?

You can email on

 or WhatsApp your entries on +91 – 8448941008 

Deadline for submission: Friday 3rd July 06:00 PM 

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