The final shivir of this year took place from April 1st to April 5th. This devotional treat was centered on the theme of Holi. As the festival of Holi is a festival of colours, so was the shivir a grand festival of  colours of devotion. Devotees from all over the world joined us online and offline as per the government regulations and bathed themselves in the colours of Shree Radha-Krishna. Everyone took full advantage of this 5-day retreat to traverse enthusiastically on the spiritual path. 

The shivir began at 11 AM on April 1st and continued until 12 PM on the 5th of April. Kirtans were holi centric and devotees danced to the tunes of it as they meditated on the sweet holi pastimes of Radha and Krishna. The cultural programme was breathtaking as each and everyone expressed their devotion with some beautiful performances. It included a wide variety of performances such as leela depiction, poetry, singing, storytelling, kathak, odissi dance, devotional rap and lots more. Picnic and Memorable moments with Maharajji took devotees on a rollercoaster of emotions. Dawat of Shree Maharajji was conducted every day where various offerings were made to him with love. 

There were various special seva items such as Tilak and Gulal by Swamiji, Chandan Abhishek of Shree Maharaj ji’s charan, Panchamrit Abhishek of Maharajji and Phoolon ki holi (Holi with flowers)  with Maharajji. Phoolon ki Holi was a unique seva where devotees got a golden opportunity to shower flowers on Maharajji on the occasion of Holi. Swamiji adorned Maharajji with rose petals and various other flowers. Followed by it, devotees played the Holi of flowers with Maharajji. Everyone was overjoyed and thrilled for having this wonderful opportunity. On the second last day of the shivir devotees also had an enriching Holi celebration in the presence of Swamiji with flowers, water and music which took devotees grooved to the beats of devotion. The Q&A session was filled with inquisitiveness and practicality. The Yoga Session gave an opportunity to one and all to improve their health and with Hasyaasan stay ever happy, stress free and young. 

The topic of lectures this time was the ‘Shandilya Bhakti Darshan‘. Having discussed the first 50 sutras of the ‘Shandilya Darshan‘,  Swamiji now dived deep into the next 20 verses of the same. While the first part of the Sutras entailed more of Tatvagyan (divine knowledge),  the latter part includes more devotion. Swamiji immersed every soul in devotion as he explained the life stories , challenges and tribulations faced by great devotees such as Soordas, Rai Ramaanand,  Dhanna Jaat, Hari Das Thakur etc. He exquisitely explained as to how devotion leads to encapsulating the heart of the Lord of the Universe. It is with a simple heart and staunch faith that God can be attained. The love of a devotee  is so strong that even if God wishes he cannot leave the heart of a devotee. Such is the power of true love. Such is the triumph of devotion!  

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  • दुःख का कारण

दुःख का कारण

May 15th, 2023|0 Comments

भगवान ने हमको मानव देह भगवतप्राप्ति के लिए दिया है लेकिन माया के अज्ञान के कारण हमने एक बड़ी गलती ये कर दी कि अपने को आत्मा होते हुए शरीर मान लिया । जिस प्रकार ...