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Jajpur welcomed Swamiji on10th of November with traditional drum beats, bhakti kirtans, and with great enthusiasm. One of the newspapers on 8th November had already reported his visit and gave information about his upcoming public lecture programs.

Swamiji spoke for 4 days on the topic “Bringing purity of thought through Knowledge and Bhakti combined” – reported Sambad on 11th November. On the second day, he visited Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir. The students welcomed him with a parade, drums, and trumpets, where he inspired the young audience directing them toward bright futures. To listen to Swamiji’s Children’s Day message.

Even in Swamiji’s brief stay, people benefited tremendously, through his wisdom filled morning walks and Question / Answer sessions. There was immense pleasure in all devotees and new members found Swamiji’s unmatching wisdom very unique.

Sacrificing the ego of doership.

According to Sambad: 11th Nov, 2018 

Swamiji said, a soul’s ultimate aim is to find Divine Love & Divine Happiness. It can be achieved by acquiring all the scriptural knowledge. If one is limited to one scripture only, then one will have doubts & difficulties. Knowing all the scriptures is the only way to have complete knowledge. But, in this age of Kali-yuga, it is really difficult to acquire all this knowledge in one lifetime. If at all one manages to learn all of it, due to the ego of having the knowledge, one won’t be able to attain the ultimate bliss that one is seeking, without doing actual devotion. For the ego is the main obstacle in the path of devotion, one cannot be fully knowledgeable without surrendering the mind and intellect in order to sacrifice the ego of doership.

Drenching in the Bliss of Bhakti

Another news clip of 12th Nov,2018 said, “ A seeker of the Vishuddha Bhakti, renounces the happiness of the material and spiritual worlds as well in order to desire the selfless love for God. And before the attainment of that divine love from God, only a seeker with a purified heart, by the grace of a true Guru can attain his divine Goal. Once by attaining that Vishudha bhakti, a soul can no longer be tormented by the chaos of this material world, was the conclusion of Swamiji’s lecture.”

From the Editor: To know more about Swamiji’s upcoming programs click here. You can also call at 8448941008 and write to us at info@jkyog.in

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