On the 7th of March, JKYog India celebrated the most venerable International Women’s Day event. In the purview of celebrating womanhood and for men to understand women better we had both genders participating in this glorious event. We took off the event with divine Vedic wisdom from Swamiji where he beautifully expounded on women such as Gargi and Meerabai who stood as an example of independence and knowledge during the Vedic era. Today we all talk about women’s empowerment but our scriptures already hold women at a high pedestal. Swamiji went on to explain how Bheeshma, a great warrior during the Dwapar Yuga put down his weapons in front of Shikandi,  as a mark of respect. He did not care for his life but he cared more for a woman. Our culture teaches us to see women as Devi and even today in some parts of India, girls from the age of 10 are addressed as ‘Ma’ or Mothers by their fathers. Therefore women are always held in high regard in ancient society and they ought to even today! After all, a man exists only because of a woman!

The event also witnessed women leaders such as Payal Nanjiani, Devapriya Roy, Namrita Chandi, Medha Tyagi, Dr. Subhramita Panda who shed light on aspects such as pursuing unconventional careers, taking charge, and pursuing your passion. We also had Nandish Desai who walked us through financial wellness and highlighted the importance of money management in our lives. The sessions were power-packed with some creative ideas and pieces of advice oozing out from our leaders, in order to enhance our lives as a whole. The participants came forward with various inquisitive questions which our leaders answered very patiently.

Followed by it were presentations of unique art forms such as Storytelling by Vikram Sridhar, Folk music by Dipanjali, and Odissi dance by Jyotirmayee Mohanty. Storytelling which had become a long lost artform was brought to life by Vikram Sridhar – a storyteller and a Theatre Artist from Bangalore. He depicted the story of a warrior Queen Shukdev who fought vigilantly to save her people in spite of having delivered a baby and losing her husband simultaneously! The performance and the story was much appreciated by the audience. Debanjali sang a beautiful song called Babul depicting how a woman should not be married off to a person who is a gold smith or a diamond merchant but to a man who is soft hearted,  loving and caring. Jyoti put forth a gorgeous dance performance portraying a leela of Lord Krishna. Participants also savoured contests and quizzes based on the beauty of the mind and knowing womanhood better. The event came to a closure with a transcendental meditation by Swamiji, pledge and announcement of contest winners!

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