The very first Bhakti Yog Sadhana Shivir of 2021 took place from February 17th to February 21st. The Shivir was conducted under strict government guidelines and with the consent of the Councillor of Banara. The 5-day retreat streamed both online and offline. This unique way of conducting the shivir was liked and appreciated by all.  People from all over the world joined us online and relished the 5-day bliss. We had about 500 participants who became a part of this grand event offline and an equal number of devotees participated online.

The topic of Swamiji’s lecture in this shivir was the Garud Kaagbhushundi Samvaad from Tulsi Ramayan. Swamiji and everyone else sang the melodious couplets of Ramayan. The explanation of it was even more sweeter as Swamiji expounded on some of the most exquisite topics in devotion such as:

  • Why is surrendering our intellect to God important?
  • The reason as to why Kaagbhushundi became a crow in the first place and in spite of being a God-realised saint, why did he choose to be in the body of a crow
  • What incident provoked the Garud-Kaagbhushundi Samvaad to take place?
  • Why did Lord Shiva attend satsang?
  • The importance of the human form and lots more.

One of the most touching moments in the katha was when Kaagbhushundi found that his Guru of present life is the whom he had accepted as his Guru a thousand years ago. His Guru had never left him. This proves that a Guru never leaves his disciple and follows him through many lifetimes. Many such moments touched the hearts of devotees and moved everyone to tears as Swamiji beautifully narrated about the soft heartedness of a Guru.

Apart from this, devotees took part in various events Maha Daawat of Shree Maharajji, Guru Charan Pujan, Basant Utsav, Jhoolan of Shree Maharaj ji.  On the onset of spring an extremely beautiful jhoola (swing)  was prepared for Shree Maharaj  ji. The swing was decorated with gorgeous flowers. Shree Maharaj ji too was dressed up royally! He was made to sit on the jhoola and everyone got a chance to swing Maharaj ji. The devotees were thrilled to be a part of this seva. Devotees were overjoyed to witness the beauty that had manifested in the Jhoolan leela.

Further the shivir comprised the sweetest kirtans of all times where devotees not just swayed from side to side but danced to their heart’s content.  As many youngsters too were a part of this spiritual feast,  they inspired everyone to dance to the tunes of Haribol and Radhey Govind sankirtan. We also had some beautiful cultural performances where online participants had sent in their entries through net. The Q&A session was filled with inquisitiveness and practicality. Swamiji answered some profound questions such as ‘How to deal with negativity in the world, How to remember God at all times? What is the difference between Radha Ranii and Parvathy etc.  The evenings were embedded with the most awaited ‘Parikrama’ with Swamiji. The highlight of the Parikrama was Swamiji dancing along with little kids, and devotees also got an opportunity to purchase merchandise from the Bhakti Store, and shop at the newly inaugurated Mukund Mart. The icing on the cake was that Swamiji himself gave away the items to all the devotees. In this manner the first shivir of 2021 ended successfully and joyously. But what is more blissful is that we have a shivir for you coming soon.  So stay tuned for all the latest updates from JKYog India.

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दुःख का कारण

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