On January 14th, 1957, the 5th Original Jagadguru of the world, Swami Shree Kripaluji Maharaj was honored with the title: Jagadguruttam (the best of all Jagadgurus) by the Kashi Vidvat Parishat. His message to the world was to attach the mind to God and attain the Divine Love of Shree Radha Krishna. 

In remembrance of this auspicious occasion, JKYog India conducted a day long program on the 14th of January. This day was relished by all the devotees as they immersed themselves in Guru Bhakti. Everyone chanted day long kirtans elucidating the significance and glories of the Guru. It was followed by the Charan Abhishek of Shree Maharajji. Paying their respects and surrendering unto the lotus feet of the Guru, devotees performed the Abhishek with great love and devotion. Swamiji performed the abhishek on behalf of all virtual participants while offline participants took part in the blissful events personally. Thereafter Maharajji was offered a vivid variety of delicacies and savories in the Mahadaavat. Devotees chanted the bhog geet reminiscing the pastimes of Shree Maharajji. The evening was lit with beautiful cultural performances. Children and adults expressed their devotion to their Guru in their own unique manner.


Since January 14th is also celebrated as Lohri worldwide, we had a jubilant Lohri celebration. Swamiji along with all the devotees danced and rejoiced around the bonfire asking the Lord to constantly provide His warmth for the welfare of all. The Lohri celebrations were colorful as everyone danced to the beats of Bhangra in the traditional attire. After the energetic Lohri celebrations, Swamiji delivered a message based on the importance of the Guru. A Guru is found only by the grace of God and we having found the Jagadguruttam should traverse this path with doubled enthusiasm, faith and devotion. When one develops love for their Guru, Shree Krishna naturally follows. Therefore, guru is always placed at a higher pedestal than God himself. We have received the most intricate knowledge from the Jagadguruttam. Let us all constantly remember this grace and move forward on this path with humility, love, and enthusiasm. With that sumptuous knowledge the beautiful celebrations came to an end. 

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