Bhagavan Ram, the eldest of four brothers, was born to King Dashrath and Mother Kaushalya of the Surya vansh dynasty during Treta Yug. He was born at noon when the sun was at its peak and shining brightly as it too wanted to welcome the new heir in this world. The festival of Ram Navami continues to be celebrated today with great warmth and joy to welcome the birth of Bhagavan Ram in our homes and hearts.

Bhagavan Ram’s life story has been very beautifully articulated in the historic Indian epic, Ramayan (Story of Ram). Of the many renditions that are available today, the two most outstanding and popular are the Ramayan by the great Sage Valmiki and Ram Charit Manas by Saint Tulsidas.

Sage Valmiki had written that there is no such soul in the world who was, is, and will be who is not completely surrendered (sharanagat) to Bhagavan Ram. In other words, all souls love Bhagavan Ram because only love leads to surrender (sharanagati). Saint Tulsidas, while contemplating on Sage Valmiki’s words, wrote: “Which soul is there (in this entire world) for whom Bhagavan Ram is not dearer than their own life?”

Hearing such kinds of statements from great Indian saints only increases our curiosity to understand the entity called ‘Ram.’ Our Vedic scriptures explain that the word ‘Ram’ is comprised of two letters: ‘Ra’ and ‘m.’ ‘Ra’ refers to the entire world and ‘m’ refers to its lord or master. In other words, ‘Ram’ is one who is the master (maalik) of the entire world. The Vedas continue to say that this Bhagavan Ram is an ocean of bliss. And then they expound that Bhagavan Ram is He, from whom, this world was manifested; Bhagavan Ram is He, within whom, this world is situated; and Bhagavan Ram is He, within whom, this world will dissolve during dissolution (mahapralaya).

So that Creator of the world is also an ocean of bliss. All of us souls are tiny parts of that ocean of bliss. That is why we have been hankering for happiness for endless past lifetimes. Thus, in order to attain the happiness that our soul seeks, it is only logical that we understand this entity that the scriptures describe as an ocean of bliss for only once we believe that our happiness lies in Him, will we move forward in that direction.

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दुःख का कारण

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