Many a time, people have the concept that spirituality is something that you do in the temple for half an hour, and that it has got no relevance to their daily life. So, they will do puja in the temple for half an hour, and when they come out, they start shouting at everybody! Their thinking is, “That’s OK, I can do that because I’m now outside the temple, so I can do as I please!” 

Their thinking in this manner is not the actual concept of true spirituality! Spirituality should be reflected in everything that we do and it involves changing our complete life! That is what Shree Krishna has asked us to do! 

यत्करोषि यदश्नासि यज्जुहोषि ददासि यत् |
यत्तपस्यसि कौन्तेय तत्कुरुष्व मदर्पणम् || 27||

Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer as oblation to the sacred fire, whatever you bestow as a gift, and whatever austerities you perform, O son of Kunti, do them as an offering to me.” (Bhagavad Gita 9.27)

Let us say that when you have to eat, how is it possible to eat in the spirit of offering? It is simple! Offer the food to Shree Krishna, and request Him to eat the food first, and then after that you eat the food as His remnants, as His Prasad! Or else, another way of doing it will be, you think this way – “In order to Love and serve Shree Krishna, I have to make sure that my body remains healthy, and therefore I have to eat what is good for the body! Eat in that spirit!” In this mindset, you are eating only for the pleasure of God!

Similarly, when you are going to sleep, don’t sleep thinking, “Oh how joyful sleeping is!” Offer even your sleep to God, thinking, “Well, let me have a good night’s sleep so I will wake up fresh early in the morning, and then I will be able to do my bhakti in the form of sadhana and seva.  If I don’t sleep well, then tomorrow morning my devotion will be disturbed!” Or else, think this way, “O Shree Krishna, I am going to sleep now. Please come in my dream and give me your darshan.”   

Thinking in this manner when going to sleep, you have connected God with that activity.

Shree Kripaluji Maharaj says that even when you have to scratch your body due to itchiness, don’t scratch for your pleasure. Bring God even into that by just thinking, Shree Krishna is standing there, he is laughing at me, and you think, “Alright, My Lord, you continue laughing, I will keep scratching for your pleasure!”

In other words, somehow or other we have connected God to our every activity.

Shree Krishna says, “You keep working in accordance with your gunas, however, you must offer the results of that work to God!” 

So, if one is a businessman, there is no harm in making profit, but it is important that the person thinks in this spirit, “After using the money for whatever my basic necessities are, I will serve God with the rest of my earnings!” 

Similarly, if you have children, you should cultivate desire to help them make their lives perfect, bearing in mind that “They are not my children, they are actually God’s children’ but I have been given the responsibility of taking care of them in this life. Therefore, it is my duty to also give them the opportunity to make their lives perfect!”

The test, however, is whether you are doing your duty as a parent for God’s pleasure or for your own pleasure! The real test is, if the result is not according to what you think should happen, you do not feel disturbed or disappointed by it! If you do feel disturbed, then it is proof that you are doing it for yourself! If you are doing it for God, then there is no disturbance. You should think, “I have put in my best effort, and this is the result – so I will accept it as God’s wish for it to be so! I leave it to Him!”

So, by transforming our internal attitude, we can transform even the mundane activities of material life into divine service of God.  Therefore, let’s take a step towards this transformation by dedicating all our activities to God.  

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