The Playground for Vedic Wisdom

A Holistic Character-Building Program Specially Designed for Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Development of Children.

Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj said that the best inheritance we can leave for our children is a strong foundation for building a good character. A value system that will remain in them until death and act as an enhancer for a rewarding and successful life.

Bal-Mukund is Conceptualized & Mentored by Swami Mukundananda, as a Value-Based Personality Development Program
Specially Designed for Children with a Mission to :

  • Develop Appreciation for Indian Culture & Spiritual Heritage

  • Build Core Values and Character to lead a Virtuous life

  • Strengthen Emotional Quotient

  • Build Focus and Power of Concentration

  • Develop Self-Confidence & Decision-Making Skills

  • Develop Mental Health and Happiness Quotient

  • Inculcate the Spirit of Giving with a Service Attitude

  • Fill young hearts with Love and Reverence for God

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Bal Mukund Orientation PDF

The Kripalu Values

As a dedication to our Spiritual Master Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj, at Bal-Mukund, the values that are
required for triumph in life have been an acronym, KRIPALU

K – Kindness :

Helping nature, Service attitude, Caring for others, Compassionate towards sufferings of others, Non-violence towards all beings, Forgiveness and Seeing the Divinity of others.

R – Respect :

Respect for Elders, Respect for Teachers, Respect for Authority, Respect for each other, Courtesy, Good Manners, Not seeing faults in others, Being non-judgemental, Acceptance of the differing viewpoints of others, Obedience to Elders and Authority.

I – Integrity :

Truthfulness, Purity of thoughts and intentions, Self-discipline and control over mind and the senses, Restraint from temptation, Restraint from harmful influences like drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, Restraint from gambling, Associating with good people and avoiding bad influence.

P – Perseverance :

Hardworking, Enduring, Patient, Dedication to work, Tenacity to bear difficulties and never give up, Overcoming obstacles through persistence, Keeping a positive, “I can do It” attitude, Single-mindedness towards the goal, Using intelligence and mental abilities to solve problems.

A – Accountability :

Taking full responsibility for ones deeds, Taking the onus for mistakes, Responsibility for correcting them and not blaming others or having a whining nature, taking responsibility for organizing oneself and one’s work, Accepting the Law of Karma that what happens to us is a result of our own actions, Being punctual to our time commitments.

L – Love for God :

Trust in God, Faith in His protection, Acceptance of His will, Keeping a positive attitude in every situation with Faith in His Grace, A Sense of Gratitude for all that God has given us, Belief that He is with us and watching us always, Doing all actions for His pleasure, Unconditional devotion to Him.

U – Unassuming :

Modesty, Unpretentiousness, Simplicity, Humility, Not Boasting or showing off, Reverence for the Greatness of God, Faith that everything belongs to God and not to us, Realising that God has a grand scheme why things happens and we all have a tiny role to play in His design.

Program Highlights

Bal-Mukund Character Building Program is designed with a focus on imbibing the KRIPALU values
in children through various learning activities that include :

  • Shloka Recitation

  • Value based Stories

  • Introduction to Yoga Pranayama and Meditation

  • Learn Prayers and Bhajans

  • Overview of Vedic Scriptures

  • Indian festivals and their significance

  • Games, Quiz and Fun Activities

  • Storytelling & Creative Thinking

  • Craft, Music and Dance


  • Structured Curriculum & Roadmap

  • Age-Appropriate Books

  • Fun & Enjoyable Learning Environment

  • Experienced Teachers & Instructors

  • Volunteering Opportunities

The Online Program

Bal-Mukund Curriculum in India is a well-designed 1- year program focused on continuous development in Children. This online program is divided into 4 phases and each phase is for 3 months.

For further details contact +91 84489 41008