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Beliefs Shape Your Destiny


An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists creates a belief.  Unknowingly, many times we form these beliefs based on mundane knowledge that is ...

Beliefs Shape Your Destiny2020-04-22T19:35:16+05:30

How to Remember Spiritual Knowledge


In the hierarchy of our inner machinery, beyond the mind is the intellect, and God has empowered the human intellect with the ability to control the mind ...

How to Remember Spiritual Knowledge2020-04-22T19:30:46+05:30

Manage Your Mind Manage Your Life


Every spiritual aspirant realizes the importance of managing the mind because the mind is the cause of bondage as well as liberation.  However, in striving to tame ...

Manage Your Mind Manage Your Life2020-04-15T15:43:50+05:30

Attitude of Pure Intention


Though we may not realize it, stress, anxiety, and tension that we experience in life is because of impure intention.  You may wonder what is purity of ...

Attitude of Pure Intention2020-04-15T15:34:22+05:30

Remain Stress Free while Working Hard


Stress has become a common phenomenon affecting us as a collective and on a personal level.  Although there is a plethora of stress-management techniques being practiced worldwide, ...

Remain Stress Free while Working Hard2020-04-13T17:09:12+05:30

Science of Karmyog


Most of us bow down our head with reverence when we visit the Temple.  That is because we feel the presence of God before us.  However, when we leave the ...

Science of Karmyog2020-04-13T17:12:22+05:30

Learn to Live in the Present


All the great sages and scholars have vehemently taught the importance of living in the present.  The Buddha explained, “The secret of health for both mind and ...

Learn to Live in the Present2020-04-13T16:57:11+05:30

How to Resist Desires?


The senses are notorious in their ability to drag the mind deeper into material illusion. They tempt the living being to seek immediate gratification.  However, walking the ...

How to Resist Desires?2020-04-07T12:59:01+05:30

Forgive to Stop Feeling Hurt


We have all been wronged, treated unfairly, and faced betrayal and dishonesty.  Owning the victim mentality, we have succumbed to negative sentiments of anger, anxiety, and resentment.  ...

Forgive to Stop Feeling Hurt2020-04-06T18:01:38+05:30

Focus on Yourself


Someone rightly said, “Nothing is easier than fault finding.”  With competitiveness and unrealistic expectations prevailing as a universal phenomenon, it has become second nature for us to ...

Focus on Yourself2020-04-06T14:05:59+05:30
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