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Shree Krishna in Your Heart and Home This Janmashtami


The all-pervading Supreme Lord dwells in our heart, playing hide-and-seek. If we can discover Him, we can attain the infinite, eternal bliss. However, our finite mind and intellect cannot realize him, ...

Shree Krishna in Your Heart and Home This Janmashtami2020-11-07T18:58:21+05:30

Search for Happiness


In the Indian culture, it is common knowledge that we, the anu atma, are a part of God, the Param Atma, who is sat-chit-anand. And because we are a part ...

Search for Happiness2020-11-16T08:06:05+05:30

Importance of Bhagavad Gita


There are numerous texts in the Indian culture. Typically, you will find three types of granths (texts): krith granth, smrit granth, and vinirgrat granth. Krith granth are those which someone has written using their mayic buddhi (material intellect). There are ...

Importance of Bhagavad Gita2020-11-07T19:00:50+05:30

Why do we celebrate Ram Navami?


Bhagavan Ram, the eldest of four brothers, was born to King Dashrath and Mother Kaushalya of the Surya vansh dynasty during Treta Yug. He was born at noon when the sun was at ...

Why do we celebrate Ram Navami?2020-11-07T19:02:56+05:30

Holi Sadhana Shibir, March 2019


The 2019 Holi Sadhana Shibir was held at Banara, Odisha from 28th Feb to 3rd March. Nearly 1,000 devotees from all over India and the US descended upon the campus ...

Holi Sadhana Shibir, March 20192020-11-07T19:04:55+05:30

JKYog India Sweater Distribution


The average income of a daily wage worker from a small village in India is Rs 200 per day. In this small amount, they have to manage daily grocery, vegetables, clothes, ...

JKYog India Sweater Distribution2020-11-07T19:06:07+05:30

JKC Banara – Children’s Camp


Thirty-six percent of children under five years of age are underweight in India. Most of these kids are from rural households and lack basic facilities like health and education. In ...

JKC Banara – Children’s Camp2020-11-07T19:08:36+05:30

JKC Banara – Eye Camp


Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalaya (JKC), in Village Banara, District Cuttack, is a primary healthcare center which provides essential medical facilities to more than 5000 villagers of Damapada Tahasil and neighboring villages.  With ...

JKC Banara – Eye Camp2020-11-07T19:15:48+05:30

Swami Mukundananda’s Jajpur Tour in Top Newspapers


Jajpur welcomed Swamiji on10th of November with traditional drum beats, bhakti kirtans, and with great enthusiasm. One of the newspapers on 8th November had already reported his visit and gave ...

Swami Mukundananda’s Jajpur Tour in Top Newspapers2020-11-07T19:18:28+05:30

Practical Sadhana in Daily Life


How do we infuse the lessons learnt from devotional lectures into our daily routine? At the time of listening to a divine lecture, the spiritual energy of a Saint naturally ...

Practical Sadhana in Daily Life2020-11-07T19:19:53+05:30
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