7 Days to Holistic Health

JKYog India brings to you a 7-day Journey to Holistic Health starting 13th June 2020. This week-long program will include hourly sessions with a beautiful blend of Yogasans, Pranayam, Diet & Lifestyle Guidance by an experienced doctor from Jagadguru Kripalu Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital. Experience bliss with special sessions of Guided Meditation by Swami Mukundananda.

In these challenging times, take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to enhance your physical and mental health. Participate to transform your life.

13th June – 19th June
6.30 am (IST) onwards 

  • Yoga Asanas for all ages

  • Mindful Meditation

  • Pranayam

  • Tips from Naturopathy Doctor

  • Yogic Diet & Lifestyle


Build your cardio, strength, flexibility, and stamina using a combination of simple and advanced yogasans to achieve all your fitness goals.


Nurture your mind and experience life-changing results, through Guided Roop Dhyan Meditation by Swami Mukundananda. Find peace and tranquillity in today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle with this enchanting and magical technique.


‘Prana’ refers to a subtle life-giving force that resides in our body. Just as we exercise our body and mind, it is also important to exercise the ‘Prana’. Through Pranayama, rejuvenate your Prana Shakti to bring harmony in your life.


Understand the Science of Nutrition. Get easy to follow tips on healthy dietary habits from Dr. Milind Parashar. Learn how simple lifestyle modifications can bring your body and mind in sync with nature.

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